Business Simple Past Pron version 1

Put these irregular simple past forms into columns by their common vowel sounds.

chose                                               dealt                                                 took                                                 would                                       meant                                               rose                                                  threw                                       should   broke                                               bought                                              won                                                  wore                                         caught                                              could                                                found                                         saw        grew                                                 heard                                                knew                                                thought                                        read                                                 said                                                  spoke                                               taught     understood                                                                                                                                                                                  

/ /let / /put / /up
/ /you / /more / /word

                            Regular Simple Past

How are the pronunciations of these three past endings different? 

joined/ launched/ visited 

Listen and write the words below  in the correct column: 

complained, decided, expanded, finished, increased, re-opened, carried, showed, needed, issued,  

/t/ /d/ /id/

 Now say the past form of these verbs 

invite, organise, work, inform, announce, fail, introduce, acquire, float, estimated


Business Simple past pron PDF printable

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