New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 5 to 8 Vocabulary revision

Enclose Yours faithfully Distract Steady
Secure Practice makes perfect Promotion Concentrate (on)
Answering machine Jealousy Secondary school Apply
Fit (adj) Challenging Colleague Give someone a lift
Pick someone up Well behaved Neglect Childminder
Remote Vacancy Earn Plumber
Solicitor Resign Retrain Reality show
Cartoon Rom com Depressing Old flame
Bridegroom Debt Horrified Threat
A pair of trainers To board Disappearing ink Injury
Complicated Tipping Ridiculous Astonished
Brilliant Tragic Classical music Classic music
Go shopping Do the shopping Play with my friends Hang out with my friends
Go out with my friends Hard to follow Repetitive Autobiography
Fuel Common sense Techie Technophobe
Technophile Boiler Laundrette Stationer’s
Kindergarten Stare at Flick through Show off
Text speak Frustrating Spare part Greet
Address someone Bow Index finger Chin
Cheek Turn up Desperate Craze
Applaud Unwind Make believe Ban
Black pepper Green pepper Washbasin Pumice stone
Tweezers Hair clippers Flannel Loo
Band Aid Fridge Clothes peg Sieve
Marmite Corkscrew Soya milk Seaweed
Dictaphone Intercom Ice cube dispenser Hoover
Laminator Humidifier Dumplings Seesaw
Ancestor Couch potato Channel hopping The zapper

PDF for easy saving and printing: CuttingEdgeMod5to8Vocab

Cutting Edge Module 8 main page

Cutting Edge Intermediate main page

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