Business Email or Telephone Guessing game

Worksheet 1- Useful telephoning and emailing language
A: Listening comprehension: Listen to your teacher reading out sentences from below and, without looking at the worksheet, hold up a “Email” or “Telephone” card depending on the meaning of the sentence you hear.

B: Reading: Each section below is either language of telephoning or emailing. Read the sentences and decide which one each section is:

Section 1
Can you spell your name please?
I’m afraid he is out of the office at the moment
Can you hold?
He’s in a meeting at the moment. Can I help you at all?
I’m sorry, we don’t have a Mr Brown working here. Do you mean Mr Brawn, B,R,A,W,N?

Section 2
Please find the documents attached
I look forward to hearing from you soon
Dear John
Re: our conversation last week

Section 3
Sorry to phone you so late
I’m sorry, I’m not sure how to pronounce his name. It’s spelt V,I,K,R,A,M.
Can I speak to Mr Brown please?
I hope I’m not disturbing you
Of course. My first name is Alex, that’s A,L,E,X, and my surname is Case, C,A,S,E.
Can you ask her to call me back?

Section 4
I’m putting you through
I’m afraid he’s on another line.
Can I take a message?
Sorry to keep you waiting
Who do you need to speak to?
Please speak after the tone
Does she know your number?

Section 5
This is just a quick note to say…
Please see the information below
Can you forward this message to Mr Smith please?
This is to confirm in writing what we agreed by phone last week.
Can you please confirm that you got this?

Section 6
I’m transferring your call
Thanks for calling.
Can I help you?
Janet Smithers speaking…
I’m afraid the line is engaged.
Can you repeat the number please?

Section 7
This is Brian Smith from Meridian Design and Management.
It’s seven double four, double two, treble three
Can I have extension 2441?
Maybe that’s who I need to talk to.
I only have an initial. It’s P.

C: Listening and speaking- Test each other in pairs

D: Reading 2- Are the telephoning sentences used when you are receiving a telephone call or telephoning someone?

E: Speaking 2: What are the answers to the questions above?


Worksheet 2- Email or Telephone Cards
Teachers’ Instructions
Photocopy and cut up 1 sheet per 5 students so that they have 1 Email and 1 Telephone card each.



PDF for easy saving or printing – EmailOrTelephoneGame

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