Strangers on a Train

Natural English Intermediate Unit 1 and 2

Cut out the cards below and deal them out to the students. Students must pretend that they are meeting people for the first time, start a conversation and try to naturally slip the sentence or sentences they have been given into the conversation without their partner spotting which sentence they are trying to say. After 3 to 5 minutes of conversation, give points for spotting which sentence your partner was trying to say and for slipping yours into conversation without your partner spotting it.


I love elephants



How many times have you been to Bangkok?



My brother wanted to be a surgeon.



Would you like to run your own business?



I worked part-time as a motorcycle courier when I was at university



I think the ancient history of the Greeks is fascinating



My granny fell downstairs last week



I’m planning to move to Colombia



I had a shaved head when I was teenager



Have you ever been on a blind date?



This is a photo of me on a camel in the desert



I’m quite thirsty. How about you?



I had a frightening experience in a boat once.



I’d like to try hang gliding one day.



PDF for easy saving and printing: Strangers on a train

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