Present Continuous Travel mimes

Choose one of the sentences below and mime it until your partner guesses which one it is.

You are sunbathing.

You are packing your suitcase

You are pushing a luggage trolley

You are putting your bags into the overhead locker

You are putting your bags under your seat.

You are fastening your seatbelt

You are undoing your seat belt

You are putting your seat into an upright position

You are leaning your seat back.

You are putting your luggage onto the belt to be weighed

You are raising your arms so that you can be searched

You are emptying your pockets

You are showing the passengers where the safety exits were (as part of the safety announcement)

You are putting on your lifejacket

You are putting on your oxygen mask

You are hailing a cab

You are going through the ticket barrier

You are standing on an escalator

You are listening to an audio guide in a museum

You are opening up your in-flight meal

You are searching a passenger’s hand luggage

You are waiting for your bags to appear on the carousel

You are meeting someone at the airport you had never met before

You are putting a padlock on your rucksack

You are running a metal detector over someone’s body

You are pulling down the blinds

You are calling a waiter.

Continue with the same game, but this time with the person guessing not looking at the sentences above.


PDF for easy saving and printing: TravelPresentContinuousMimes

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