Countable uncountable 20 questions

Choose one of the places below and answer your partner’s Yes/ No questions until they guess which one you are thinking of:

Swimming pool

A maze


A pub/ a bar


A playground/ a park

Living room

A stationery shop

Dining room



Nappy changing room

Amusement park

IMAX cinema

The moon

In the sky (in a balloon)

The Arctic

The Antarctic

The desert


Under the sea



Inside the Sun

Fire station

Football pitch

Office building

Inside your bag

A car park

A bowling alley

A cinema

A library

A museum

Ice rink


Police station

Skateboard park

Water park

Youth club

On a boat

In a bus

In a rocket

In the rain forest

In Argentina

In Greece

In the UK

In Portugal

Write down one more place here and see if your partner can guess it by asking Y/N questions


Is there any wind?

Is there lots of noise?

Is there any grass?

Is there any air?

Are there any people?

Is there any water?

Is there any screaming?

Is there any poo?

Are there any scared people?

Are there any armchairs?

Are there any bored people?

Are there any hungry people?

Is there any money?

Are there any bad smells?

Is there any food?

Is there any fire?

Are there any uniforms?

Are there any balls?

Is there any juice?

Is there any popcorn?

Are there any beaches?

Are there any buffaloes?

Are there any lizards?

Are there any seals?

Are there any whales?

Are there any sloths?

Are there any ostriches?

Is there any snow?

Are there any drunk people?

Are there any dizzy people?

Are there any confused people?

Are there any rubber bands?

Is there any rubbish?

Are there any rubbish bins?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Countable uncountable 20 questions

1 Response to Countable uncountable 20 questions

  1. Cristina Lourenço says:

    Excellent ideas! Thanks for sharing

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