Strange body positions Pictionary

Activity one: Choose on of the sentences below or take the one your teacher gives you and try to draw it. The first person who guesses the whole sentence is the winner and the next person who must draw.

1. One ear is between his eyes
2. His eyebrows are under his eyes
3. His thumb is next to his little finger
4. His thumb is between his middle finger and his ring finger
5. His nose is behind his neck
6. His hands are behind his ears.
7. There is hair under his foot
8. His eyelashes are above his eyebrows
9. His belly button is between his eyebrows and his hair
10. His nose is under his armpit
11. His eye is between his lips
12. His arms are next to his legs
13. His tongue is under his chin
14. His bottom is in front of him
15. His knees are behind him
16. His toes are behind his feet
17. His heart is between his ears
18. His eyes are in his nostrils
19. His brain is between his shoulders
20. His feet are between his shins and his thighs

Activity two: Listen to your teacher read out one of the numbers and race to draw that thing as quickly as you can


Extension: Draw a monster with its body parts in strange places and label it


PDF for easy saving and printing: Strange body positions Pictionary

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  1. alexcase says:

    PDF link was broken, just fixed.

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