FCE Speaking Parts One and Four questions on places

FCE Result Unit 2 

FCE Speaking Part One questions on places

Are any of your friends particularly interested in historic buildings?

Are you interested in architecture?

Do you have the same feelings about your hometown as your parents do?

Do you like visiting the countryside?

Do you live in a green area, would you say?

Tell us about the last time you went to an amusement park.

Were you interested in amusement arcades when you were younger?

What sort of accommodation do you live in?

Would you describe your neighbourhood as attractive?

Would you prefer to live in the suburbs or the city centre?

Would you say that you know your local area well?

FCE Speaking Part Four on the topic of places

Are there places when it’s better to restrict what can be built?

Are there times when it is better to stop fast food restaurants opening?

At what age do you think parents should allow their children to play out in the street?

Children are spending more and more time at home rather than out in their neighbourhood. Why do you think that is?

Do you think it’s important for a country to grow most of the crops that its people eat?

Do you think the government should stop the expansion of suburbs into the countryside?

How important do you think it is to pick up litter?

Some people think it’s good to let weeds grow. Why do you think that is?

What can you do to help build a sense of community? (= a community spirit)

What do you think can be done about rundown areas?

What do you think some people like about living in isolated places?

What do you think the advantages of markets are?

What do you think the disadvantages of skyscrapers are for a city?

What is the best way to deal with congestion? (= traffic jams)

Why are some people so interested in cherry blossom, do you think?

Why do you think farming isn’t popular?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: FCE Speaking Parts One and Four questions on places

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