Intermediate Functions review games

A: Extreme functions


Compete to say one of the things below. You might need to set up the situation, e.g. decide what you are thanking people for.

The longest thank you/ The most extreme thank you

The deepest apology

The best reason for the bad thing that you did

The most helpful offer

The most persuasive invitation

The politest request

The most emotional farewell/ The longest farewell

The politest disagreement

The strongest disagreement

The strongest agreement

The politest interruption of your partner’s story

The greatest number of polite interruptions of your partner’s one minute story

The politest turning down of an invitation/ The best reason for turning down an invitation

The politest refusal to help/ The best reason for refusing to help

The most enthusiastic greeting/ The friendliest greeting

The best advice for the problem that your partner tells you

B: Situational functions


Use as many of the functions on the next page as you can in one of the following situations, taking a card or ticking it off the list as you use it. The person who has used the most in that situation wins, then start again with a new situation.

In the street                                                                A supermarket

A market                                                                    A department store

A convenience store/ corner shop                          A club

A bar/ A pub                                                              A fast food restaurant

A posh restaurant                                                      A cinema (= movie theater)

A theatre                                                                    A hospital or surgery

At home                                                                      In or near someone else’s house

On the phone                                               By email

By text (= SMS)                                           On your blog/ Facebook page

A bus, coach or train                                   A hotel check-in desk

A taxi                                                                          A spa, public baths or sauna

A swimming pool or gym                                          A train station or underground station

A library or bookshop                                 A stadium or other sporting venue

A museum or art gallery                             A concert or music venue

A post office                                                              Immigration

On a plane                                                                 An airport check-in desk

At work

 Farewell  Greeting  Apology  Request
 Offer  Invitation  Introduction  Suggestion/ Advice
 Refusal  Thanks  Excuse  Opinion
 Agreement  Disagreement  Acceptance  Complaint


 Farewell  Greeting  Apology  Request
 Offer  Invitation  Introduction  Suggestion/ Advice
 Refusal  Thanks  Excuse  Opinion
 Agreement  Disagreement  Acceptance  Complaint


 Farewell  Greeting  Apology  Request
 Offer  Invitation  Introduction  Suggestion/ Advice
 Refusal  Thanks  Excuse  Opinion
 Agreement  Disagreement  Acceptance  Complaint


Teacher’s instructions


The second game works better if you cut up one pack of cards per group of three or four players, but you can just get them ticking them off the list instead (maybe with a different coloured pen or different symbol for each person and each round).


PDF version for easy printing: IntermediateFunctionalLangReview

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