Future tenses games/ worksheets

About 33 mixed future tenses PDFs and teaching ideas for a combination of future plans, arrangements, predictions and desires, plus separate pages with stacks of ideas for each of those. If you find anything useful here, please support TEFLtastic.

Index page for particular future tenses

Going to for plans and predictions page

Will for predictions, spontaneous intentions, promises etc page

Present Continuous for future arrangements page

Future Continuous page

Future Perfect games/ worksheets

Future desires page (for want/ want to and would like)

Want/ Want to for future desires page

Teaching mixed future tenses and other future forms

Articles on contrasting and combining future tenses (see articles on the index pages above for specific future tenses)

How to teach future time expressions – LINK UPDATED

Seven games for mixed future tenses practice (article with mainly low prep ideas)

General explanations for English future tense forms (more in depth article about grammar presentations)

Fun video tasks for future tenses and conditionals (article with teaching ideas) – LINK UPDATED

The blocks game contrasting going to and will for predictions with and without present evidence near the end of this article – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable mixed future tenses classroom activities

IELTS needs analysis and Speaking Part One question review (in this very cheap e-book)

Talking about the future during phone calls roleplays and tense review (in this very reasonable e-book)

Present Perfect and future forms sentence completion games (bluffing, guessing and things in common)

CPE Speaking Part One on the future

Future forms The same or different (with lots of future time expressions and prepositions of time)

Future things in common

The future in IELTS Writing

Requests and future forms

Travel plans bluffing game (describing places and future tenses)

Future things in common

The future in IELTS Writing and Speaking

The future in IELTS Speaking (review of future verb forms and time expressions for the exam, with speaking tasks)

Telephoning roleplays and future tenses review

Politeness in making arrangements and future tenses review

Arrangements, plans, predictions and spontaneous decisions future forms game

Tricky future forms review

Xmas and New Year future tenses review

Future tenses extended speaking card game

FCE speaking on the future and technology (with grammar presentation)

Next weekend and future tenses

Business English future forms and tenses review

Business future tenses review

Photocopiable going to and will classroom activities

Xmas predictions with going to and will mimes

Mr Bean The Exam (“going to” for predictions with present evidence contrasted with “will” for predictions without present evidence)

Going to/ will helping game

Business sectors predictions and action plans (will and going to)

Other photocopiable future tenses classroom activities

Guess the future time game

Adverbs of frequency language learning New Year resolutions

Going to for plans and future continuous for predictions

Related pages

Business English future tenses worksheets page

Conditionals page

Grammar main page

Updated 1 August 2022

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