Travel plans bluffing game

Names of places/ Future plans, desires and arrangements

Time to Talk Yellow (A) Unit 5

Choose a place randomly (e.g. by flicking a coin across a map or picking cards from below) and make a future statement about that place using future forms like those below. If you can’t think of anything true to say about that place, just use your imagination. After asking for more details, your partner will guess if your statement was true or not.

Suggested future forms

  1. I’d like to/ I want to…
  2. I’m planning to…/ I plan to…
  3. I’m going to…
  4. I’m …ing…
  5. I’m not…
  6. I don’t…/ I wouldn’t…

Do the same, but with a dice to decide which future form above you should use each time.


Countries to talk about

(Sub-Saharan) Africa (Zimbabwe, etc)


(Central/ Latin) America (Argentina, Peru, etc)


Australia (Perth, Sydney, etc)


Austria (Vienna, etc)


Belgium (Brussels, Bruges, etc)


Britain/ The UK (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, etc)


The Caribbean (Jamaica, Haiti, etc)


Central Asia (Kazakhstan, etc)


(Mainland) China (Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangdong, etc)


The Czech Republic (Prague, etc)


East Asia (Mongolia, South Korea, North Korea, etc)


Eastern Europe (Croatia, etc)


England (Leicester, London, etc)


France (Paris, Nice, etc)




Germany (Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, etc)


Greece (Athens, etc)




(The Republic of) Ireland


Israel (Jerusalem, etc)


Italy (Florence, Naples, Venice, Turin, Rome, Milan, etc)


The Maldives


The Mediterranean (Cyprus, Malta, etc)


The Middle East (Iraq, the UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc)


The Netherlands (The Hague, etc)


North Africa (Morocco, Egypt, etc)


Poland (Warsaw, etc)


Portugal (Porto, Lisbon, etc)


Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg, etc)


Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, etc)


The Seychelles


Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, etc)


Spain (Seville, etc)


Switzerland (Geneva, etc)


Ukraine (Kiev, etc)


The USA (LA, The Big Apple, etc)





Other places to talk about


amusement arcade/ video arcade





art gallery/ museum/ The ______________ Museum



bar/ pub



bus station/ coach station

beach/ _____________ Beach



(….) church/ cathedral



café/ coffee shop





canal/ ________________ Canal


castle/ ________________ Castle



Chinese restaurant


club/ nightclub/ disco



(…) hill(s)


cinema/ movie theater



concert hall/ opera house



department store

Indian restaurant/ curry house



Japanese restaurant


library/ _______________ Library


lake/ pond/ ____________ Lake/ __________ Pond


farmers’ market/ _______________ Market


flea market/ ________________ Market antiques market/ _______________ Market



_______________ Building

Sunday market/ _______________ Market mountain/ _____________ Mountain


park/ ________________ Park



(ferry) port



(…) river


souvenir shop


riverfront/ waterside



the statue of/ by…


sea/ seaside


shopping centre/ shopping mall


shrine/ temple/ _________ Shrine/ _________ Temple



(train) station


underground station/ tube station/ subway station


theatre/ ____________ Theatre

(conveyor belt) sushi bar


(outdoor/ indoor) pool/ swimming pool


amusement park/ theme park


(baseball/ football/ …) stadium/ ground/



toy shop


zoo/ __________________ Zoo


PDF for easy saving and printing: travel plans bluffing game

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