Giving directions games/ worksheets

Asking and showing how to get somewhere PDFs and teaching tips. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Teaching directions articles

How to teach giving directions – LINK UPDATED

How to teach simple directions to young learners

Photocopiable giving directions classroom activities

Directions flashcard memory game

Giving directions coin games

Giving directions on the phone roleplays (in this very cheap e-book)

Small talk, recommendations, invitations and directions dialogues games (in this bargain e-book)

Giving directions free and controlled speaking (with lots of vocabulary of places – one of my all time favourite activities)

Directions drawing game

Directions miming game

Giving directions dice games

Places and directions design a town (fun game with lots of useful names of places vocab)

Giving directions in British and American English

Make the directions clearer

Describing maps and directions The same or different

Prepositions and directions treasure hunt game

IELTS map tasks error correction

Related pages

Prepositions page

Describing places page

Imperative page

Checking/ clarifying page

Functional language main page

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