Konglish not Janglish guess or explain the meaning

What do these Konglish expressions mean and how could you explain them?

eye shopping

middle bar

CF (short for commercial film)

room salon

couple look


combi (short for combination)


cut line




Dutch pay

four ball


golden pants

hand phone



MT (short for membership training)

MacGyver knife



name card



oil bank

one shot


pocket ball



sports dancing


Yoplait yoghurt

Peppero day motel


Answer key

eye shopping- window shopping

middle bar – dash

CF (short for commercial film) – TV ad

room salon- hostess bar

couple look – man and woman wearing the same clothes

Hof – pub

combi (short for combination) – sports jacket and trouser

condo – timeshare

cut line – cut off point

D/C – discount

D/B – database

dessert – coffee after meal

Dutch pay – going Dutch

four ball – billiards

gargle – mouthwash

golden pants – cords

hand phone – mobile

hiking – cycling

LT – leadership training

MT (short for membership training) – team building

MacGyver knife – Swiss Army knife

manicure – nail polish

melodrama – soap opera

name card – business card

O/T – orientation

office-tel – building that can be used for both flats and businesses

oil bank – petrol station

one shot – down in one

opener – corkscrew or bottle opener

pocket ball – pool

sack – backpack

sharp – automatic pencil/ mechanical pencil

sports dancing – ballroom dancing

villa – small apartment building, usually four flats

Yoplait – solid yoghurt yoghurt – liquid yoghurt

Peppero day – 11 November

motel – like a “love hotel”, but also used as a cheap hotel


PDF version for easy printing: Konglish guess or explain the meaning

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