Business cultural training games/ worksheets for EFL students

Cultural training PDFs and tips for Business English students. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

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General English cultural training page (with pages on British culture, UK vs USA, festivals and celebrations, body language, taboo topics, etc)

Articles on Business cultural training for EFL students

Cultural differences in telephoning

Differences between British and American emails

British and American phone calls

Photocopiable business cultural training classroom activities

Working in the UK tips and useful phrases (in this bargain e-book

Seasonal trends meetings practice (language of trends tied in with festivals and celebrations, starting with Xmas)

Festivals and celebrations rules (discussing how a company should deal with seasonal events, starting with Xmas, for modal verbs)

Telephoning on festivals and celebrations (starting with ones about Xmas)

Business meetings on festivals and celebrations (starting with discussion of office rules around Xmas)

Cultural trends

Making arrangements cultural differences and useful phrases modals practice

Meeting people cultural differences and useful phrases

International gestures for business and academic presentations and much improved Version 2

Presentations Advice on Cultural Differences

Meeting people in business cultural differences and phrases

Business meetings guess the country

Xmas party negotiations

Cultural differences mini-meetings

Business Xmas cards do’s and don’ts

Britain or America? business and social manners

British or American business etiquette modals

How British is your Financial English?

Updated 7 August 2022

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