Technical/ Medical English Regular Simple Past pronunciation list

Useful verbs for Technical and Medical English classes (oil companies, engineers, architects, computer programmers, doctors, pharmacists etc.)

arranged by regular Simple Past pronunciation

 Regular Simple Past Technical and Medical English verbs where ed has /t/ pronunciation

slip reinforce wipe splash purchase press pump compress search leak touch stretch flex crush lock outsource unlock risk process pipe equip attach stack sketch flash flush reach pierce reverse

Regular Simple Past Medical and Technical English verbs where -ed has /d/ pronunciation

absorb warn warm glow spill fill certify spin schedule idle drag poison cure haul destroy analyse dial secure improve worsen steer reuse refill misuse signal dry revolve stir cause specify  recycle arrange spray solidify boil flow confirm transfer cover pour arrange solve dissolve spray downsize drain roll simplify reverse rub squeeze contain dispose

Regular Simple Past Technical and Medical English verbs where ed has /id/ pronunciation

reflect irradiate infect eliminate transmit circulate tilt predict convert wind insert unwind obstruct support limit guard guide intoxicate infect melt experiment detonate coat accelerate activate deactivate reject inject incinerate corrode insulate conduct illuminate ventilate heat inspect sort calculate proceed point broadcast paint protect complicate shred limit ignite disconnect alternate refridgerate generate vibrate react tend to last estimate constuct board shift upgrade hand over

PDF for easy saving and printing: TechMedSimplePast

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