Different kinds of business communication dice game

Market Leader Intermediate Units 1 to 12

Take turns rolling the dice twice and roleplaying a complete conversation of that kind (from “Hello”, “Dear…” etc to a smooth ending). Decide what roles you have before you start (manager and employee, caller and receiver, presenter and audience member asking questions, etc). There is no need to write anything, you can just say what you would write in the emails.

  First roll – Topic Second roll – How to communicate
1 (New) products/ Branding


Presentation plus Q&A and/ or discussion


2 Advertising/ Marketing Email


3 Finance/ Money/ Payment


Telephone call


4 HR/ Management Face-to-face business meeting


5 Problems/ Complaints


Informal conversation (e.g. at someone’s desk or meeting by chance in the lift)
6 Projects/ Scheduling/ Progress




 Combine any which you haven’t used yet and do those roleplays too.


PDF for easy saving and printing:Different kinds of business communication dice game ML Int

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