37 EFL dice games

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I’ve always hated TEFL board games with dice (“Speak for a while with no particular purpose and then roll a dice to decide who actually wins the game”) and now almost always play board games where their actual speaking decides how many squares students move. There are other useful speaking games with dice, however. Most of these involve challenging the other people in the group to come up with a good question on a particular topic, with a particular tense, with a particular exam format etc depending on which numbers come up, but first one good way of using dice with board games:

The most useful use of dice in board games

A much better use of dice than to move around the board is to decide what challenge students have to do to be able to go to the next square, and that is made better still if they make challenges for each other. For example in my Air Travel Challenge Board Game they make up six challenges that could happen at the stage of the journey represented by the square that someone is on (e.g. “One = the trolley breaks. Two = you can’t find a trolley. Three = the trolley is too heavy to push. Four = you bump into another passenger. Five and six no challenge”), then the dice is thrown to see which of those situations they must successfully roleplay to be able to progress.

Other good speaking games with dice

Indirect questions dice game – NEW

Phrasal verbs dice game

Adverbs of frequency and times dice bluffing game

Yes no questions dice game

Different kinds of business communication dice game (Market Leader Intermediate Units 1 to 12)

Making arrangements roleplays dice game

Travel English telephone roleplays dice game

Personal phone calls roleplays dice game

Basic question formation dice game

Telephoning challenges dice game

Superlative adjectives bluffing dice game

Telephoning roleplays dice game

IELTS Speaking Part Two dice game

Giving directions dice game

Supporting your arguments dice game

Meetings vocabulary and turn taking practice (with dice game)

First contact and further contact dice games (emailing, telephoning, teleconferencing, video conferencing and face to face)

Meetings dice games

Colours and objects dice game

Prepositions of position dice game

Travel English telephone, email and face to face dice game

Present Continuous and prepositions of position drawing dice game

Like + Gerund Personalised Speaking Dice Game

Favourites drawing dice game

Favourites making sentences alphabet challenge dice game

Can/ Can’t and prepositions of position dice game 

IELTS Speaking dice game and questions review (with typical question stems for all parts of the speaking test)

Present Perfect Continuous discussion dice game

Narrative tenses storytelling game(card game with a variation using dice)

Telephone, email or face to face functional language dice game

IELTS Speaking Parts One, Two and Three dice game

I wish/ If only regrets dice game

Communication challenges dice game

FCE Speaking Part One past, present and future dice game

IELTS Speaking Part One past, present and future dice game (the same as above but with six different times and some presentation of useful time clauses)

IELTS Speaking Part One dice game and questions brainstorming (new variation on and extension of the worksheet above with different times and topics)

FCE Speaking dice and cards game (this time with cards to give more of a range of topics and the dice including typical tasks from different parts of the Speaking test like “compare” and “opinions”)

Sure there must be many other good dice games, so links below please – but any to board games where students “Tell us about your family” then could win by throwing a six however badly they do so will be instantly deleted!

Many more TEFLtastic classic games here.

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