Adverbs of frequency and times dice bluffing game

Time to Talk Yellow (S) Unit 2 

Choose times and adverbs of frequency below to make statements about your routines, only using each expression below once. If you can’t think of anything true to say, just use your imagination. After asking for more details, your partner will guess if your statement was true or not.

  A B C D
6 always always … o’clock … in the morning
5 usually almost always half past… … in the afternoon
4 often usually/ generally (a) quarter past… … in the evening
3 sometimes occasionally (a) quarter to… … at night
2 rarely/ hardly ever almost never … past… … at the weekend
1 never never … to… … on weekdays

 Do the same, but rolling a dice to decide which expressions you must use. Your teacher will tell you which columns above to use, or tell you if you can choose which columns.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: adverbs of frequency and times dice bluffing game

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