Emails explaining procedures to academic staff

Explain the procedure for doing any of the things below which you know how to do.

 Accessing the university computer system for the first time

 Annual review/ Job performance review

 Applying for a sabbatical

 Applying for an academic job as a foreigner

 Applying for funds (e.g. research funds or funds for a conference)

 Applying for tenure

 Arranging a make-up lesson

 Booking equipment

 Booking time off (e.g. holidays, paternity leave, or compassionate leave)

 Cancelling a class

 Changing your contact details

 Claiming expenses (e.g. accommodation expenses or travel expenses)

 Contacting a student

 Disciplinary proceedings

 Doing the necessary paperwork after accepting a job

 Finding accommodation

 Getting a reference

 Getting equipment fixed

 Getting or extending visas

 Getting or extending visas for family members

 Getting proof of annual salary

 Grading students

 Including something in the university’s newsletter

 Joining the pension scheme

 Putting something on the university’s website

 Reclaiming tax

 Renewing a fixed-term contract

 Reporting discrimination (e.g. sexism or racism)

 Reporting harassment (e.g. bullying or sexual harassment)

 Reporting student absences

 Reporting students misbehaviour (e.g. cheating)

 Resigning (= Quitting = Leaving your job)

Useful phrases – (NOT means not suitable)

First of all/ First/ Firstly/ To start with/ The first stage is… (NOT At first)

Second/ Secondly/ The second step is…

Third/ Thirdly

(NOT Fourthly/ Fifthly)

Then/ Next/ After that/ The next step is…/ The next stage is…

Finally/ Last of all (NOT At last/ In the end)

Which of the procedures above are relevant to you? What other procedures might you be asked about? What would you responses be in the other situations (the ones you don’t know the procedure for)?

What are the differences in meaning between these expressions?

Firstly – At first Lastly – At last – In the end


PDF for easy saving and printing: Emails explaining procedures to academic staff

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