Daily routines Narrative tenses game

Part A: Past Continuous

Ask and answer questions to find a time when your actions were exactly the same as your partner (although you were in different places)

Ideas for topics

Pick up/ Drop off your dry cleaning

The (supermarket/ daily) shopping

Vending machine



Have a fag

Tidy up/ Clear up




Get on/ off

Get into/ out of





Wash up

Get dressed/ undressed

Hang out



Hot drink

Fizzy drink

Lock- unlock

Open- shut (= close)

Hoover (= vacuum)

Hot drink




Part B: Past Perfect

Tell the story of your partner’s day yesterday, starting when they fell asleep and working your way backwards through the day, e.g. “When you fell asleep, you’d already brushed your teeth” and “When you brushed your teeth, you’d already got into your pyjamas”. When you make a mistake, you get one point for each correct sentence until then and it is your partner’s turn to guess your day (also in reverse order).


Typical confusions

What’s the difference between:

“wear my clothes” and “get dressed”?

“clean my flat” and “tidy my flat”?

“play with my friends” and “meet up with my friends”?

“hang out with my friends” and “go out with my friends”?

“wake up” and “get up”?

Typical mistakes

Have a lunch x

Arrive at home x

Take a cup of tea x


PDF version for easy printing: DailyRoutinesNarrativeTenses

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