Supernatural modals of probability discussion

New Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 12

With a partner, discuss whether you think the statements below are true or not, and why:

  1. Ghosts exist
  2. Fortune telling is nonsense
  3. Fortune telling is nonsense, but fortune tellers really believe it is true
  4. Aliens live somewhere in the universe
  5. Aliens visit the earth from time to time
  6. Governments hide facts about aliens from ordinary people
  7. Stories about dragons are based on real creatures
  8. Stories about mermaids are based on real creatures
  9. People can read other people’s minds
  10. You can tell someone’s personality from their blood type

Change the sentences above to make them true, e.g. “Ghosts probably don’t exist”

Can you use the word “might” to make any of the sentences above true?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Supernatural modals discussion

Headway Pre-Intermediate Unit 12 page

Modals page

Supernatural and superstitions page

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