Present Perfect Simple sentence completion guessing game

Present Perfect 20 Qs Sentence Completion

A: You have 7 minutes to complete as many of the sentences as you can, as interestingly as you can.

 I have seen

I have ridden

I have tried to

I have accidentally killed

I have broken

I have lost

I have spoken to

I have met

I have bought

I have touched

I have written to

I have taken a photo of

I have burnt

I have torn

I have lifted

I have had as a pet.

B: Now get into groups of 3. One person must tell the other two the end of one of their sentences eg. ‘A pig.’

The other two must guess which sentence it comes from eg.

‘Have you ever lifted a pig?’

‘No, I haven’t.’

‘Have you ever seen a pig?’

‘Yes, I have. But that’s not the answer.’

‘Have you ever accidentally killed a pig?’

‘Yes, I have. That’s the answer.Well done.’


PDF for easy saving and printing: Present Perfect Simple sentence completion guessing game

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