Use of English Part Two Take Out Single Choice Words game

Cambridge Tests Book 1 Test 4 Use of English Part 2

Take turns crossing out words below which cannot be replaced by any other words. Challenge your partner if you think that more than one word can go in the gap.

The Americans are keen to win to race to send human beings to Mars. In 1992, the new boss of NASA, Dan Goldin, called on the American people to be the first to send explorers to another planet in the solar system. He reminded them of the symbolic gift carried to the moon and back by the Apollo 11 mission. It bears a message intended for the crew of the first spaceship to visit Mars. Goldin thinks it is time to begin the preparations for this historic journey. His speech echoed the words of the President, who promised that in 2019, 50 years after Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the Moon, the first astronaut would stand on Mars.

By the end of the twentieth century, various unmanned spaceships will have thoroughly investigated the surface of the planet. But, however clever a robot can be, it cannot match the type of information that can be gained from direct human experience. The first geologist on the moon, Harrison Schmitt, was capable of interpreting the story of the landscape on the spot. Until humans walk on the red deserts of Mars, we will not be able to determine the history of this frozen world to any detail.

What kinds of words are the ones which you successfully deleted?


PDF version for easy saving and printing:Use of English Part Two Take Out Single Choice Words game

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