Noises mimes

Present Continuous/ Expressing purpose

Part A- Human Noises
Close your eyes and listen to your partner make one of the noises below and say what it is

You are snoring
You are clicking your fingers
You are coughing
You are sneezing
You are sniffing
You are clapping your hands
You are drumming your fingers on the table
You are blowing your nose
You are laughing
You are cracking your knuckles
You are tutting
You are blowing a raspberry
You are burping (= belching)
You are sighing

Part B- Reasons
Match the reasons below to four of the noises above

because you are sleeping on your back
to get the attention of a waiter
because someone is smoking next to you
to show that you aren’t happy with someone’s behaviour

Think of another reason for one of the noises above. Make the noise and see if your partner can guess the reason you thought of.

How many reasons can you think for making each noise?

What is the difference is meaning between “You are laughing to make yourself happy” and “You are laughing because you are happy”?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Noise mimes

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