Changes to culture be used to get used to discussion

Talking about changes to culture with be and get used to

What major changes have there been to arts, media and culture since you were younger? Which have been easiest and most difficult to get used to?

Are any of these among the biggest changes?

  • 3D movies
  • 4D movies
  • celebrities on social media
  • connecting devices by Bluetooth (to stream to your TV etc)
  • computer animation
  • deep fake videos
  • digital television
  • DVDs
  • EDM
  • foreign-language dramas
  • hard disk recorders
  • mp3
  • no smoking in cinemas etc
  • on-demand television/ asynchronous watching
  • online media (TikTok, etc)
  • online news
  • openly LGBTQI+ TV personalities/ celebrities
  • reanimated dead actors
  • satellite television
  • smart speakers
  • smartphones
  • streaming movies and TV
  • two-screen watching
  • watching on small screens

Which of those were easiest and most difficult to get used to?

How interested are you in pop culture (pop music, popular TV programmes, celebrities, etc)?

How knowledgeable are you about pop culture? (= How much do you know about pop culture?)

Take a pop culture quiz and see who has higher and lower scores.


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