Advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of holiday

Travel English/ Phrases of advantages and disadvantages

Choose one of the kinds of holiday below and decide if you will give advantages or disadvantages. Your partner must take the opposite side, disputing what you say and giving opposing points. When both of you have run out of ideas, give your own views and then move onto another type of holiday below.

Adventure holidays


Beach holiday

Bicycle touring

Bus tours



City breaks


Driving tours



Guided tours

Health resorts


Holiday home/ Time share

Holidays “off the beaten track”

Holidays in areas that are undiscovered/ untouched by tourism

Holidays in places that have only just been opened to tourists

Holidays in tourist resorts

Holidays mainly based around nightlife (e.g. clubbing in Ibiza)



Independent travel

Jungle exploration

Long distance train journeys

Nature watching

Package holidays

Resorts for couples

Resorts for young single people (e.g. Club 18-30)

Round the world trips/ Round the world tickets


Spa resorts



Working holiday, e.g. grape picking, au pair, summer camp


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