IELTS Speaking Part One typical vocabulary and questions tenses and topics

Warmer Part One- Your Personal Past, Present or Future

Tell your partner one word about your past, present or future, e.g. puppy or German. They must then try to make a true sentence about that thing and you, e.g. You had a puppy when you were younger or You want to study German. Tell them if that sentence is true or false about you.

Warmer Part Two- Typical IELTS Part One Vocabulary

Continue the game with the words below

Street stalls A dorm/ a dormitory Near the sea Main course
A shrine/ a temple Bunk beds Skyscrapers Beer/ cider
Pray/ a prayer A shared house/ student house A large/ small/ medium-sized town Starter
Good luck charms Two storeys A village A diet
Traditional dances Condo (=condominium) The capital (city) Your diet
Fireworks A back yard (= a back garden) In the countryside English breakfast
Gifts Suburbs In the mountains Supermarket
Processions A bedsit A river Market
Grave/ graveyard/ cemetery Open-plan A lake White tea/ coffee
Wrapping paper A youth hostel Green spaces Dessert/ pudding/ sweet/ afters
Computer games Younger sister (=little sister) Graduation (ceremony) Commute
Sci-fi (=science fiction) An only child Kindergarten A season ticket
Cards (=card games) Eldest brother An office worker (clerk) By coach
Horror Schoolmates Pupil/ student On foot
Go shopping Workmates (=colleagues) Primary school/ elementary school Student visa/ tourist visa
Do martial arts Great grandfather Secondary school/ junior high school Travellers cheques
Play ball sports Relatives Translator/ interpreter Backpacking
A collection Nephew/ niece Temporary job/ summer job Package tour

Write the vocabulary above into the boxes below. More than one box may be possible

Hometown Accommodation
Festivals and celebrations Family and friends
Hobbies, free time and interests Work and studies
Food Transport and travel

Add at least 3 more words to each category. Continue playing the game with your new words

IELTS Speaking Part One Questions

Decide if each question below is about the past (P), the present (PR) or the future (F)

What hobbies did you have when you were a child?

How has your hometown changed since you were a child?

What is your favourite food?

Is there anything you dislike about your job/ your studies?

Are there any new hobbies you would like to take up (= start)?

Have you visited many foreign countries?

What subjects did you like at school?

Do you have much time to do your hobbies?

Where are you living at the moment?

What are your plans after you take the IELTS test?

Where were you born?

Are you living in a house or a flat?

How do you think your town will change in the next 20 years?

What kind of town did you grow up in?

Did you get on well with your brothers and sisters when you were younger?

Would you like to start studying any other languages?

Do you have a large family?

How long have you been studying English?

When did you last meet up with your whole family?

How did you first become interested in your hobby?

What job would you like to do?

How long have you been living in the place you live now?

Is the transport system in your country nowadays better or worse than in the past?

Did you use to like different food when you were a child?

How often do you cook?

Are you going anywhere for your next holiday?

What kind of films (=movies) do you like?

How do you usually travel to school or work?

How do people celebrate birthdays in your country?

Are primary schools different nowadays from how they were when you were at school?

What kind of house would you like to live in?

When did you first go abroad?

Do you have any ambitions (= goals)?

When is the next festival in your country?

Go through the questions one more time and decide if they are questions about your hometown (H), your accommodation (A), your friends and family (FF), your free time, hobbies and interests (FHI), work and studies (WS), festivals and celebrations (FC), food (FO) or transport and travel (TT)

IELTS Speaking Part One Practice- 4 minutes

For 4 minutes, ask your partner questions about 3 of the topics above. For each topic, ask at least one question about the past, at least one question about the future and at least one question about the present. When you change topics, before you start asking questions, please use the phrases below

I’d like to start by asking you some questions about…

Now I’d like you to talk about…

Finally, can I ask you about…?


PDF for easy saving or printing: IELTS Past Pres Fut

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