English job interviews match questions and answers

Instructions: Cut up the worksheet below into a pack of cards. Mix up the cards and try to find two questions that mean the same thing. Then find two possible answers to those two questions.

Do you have any questions for us?

Is there anything you would like to ask?

No, I think you’ve told me everything I need to know thanks.

Yes, I have 20 or so questions for you, if that is okay.


What are your main weaknesses?

What areas do you most need to improve on?

I am naturally a bit impatient, but since I took up yoga I am much calmer at work.

I often get angry.

How would your colleagues describe you?

Tell us something about your personality.

I think most people would say I am quite serious at work but also good fun when we go out.

I am stressed at work, so maybe my colleagues don’t see my real personality


Why did you decide to leave your last job/ present job?

Is there any special reason why you’ve decided to move on now?

My boss is very aggressive.

I have learnt a lot in my company, but I am ready for a new challenge.


What was your greatest accomplishment?

Can you give us one example of something you have achieved?

In my previous position I helped my team double sales.

I single-handedly forced my company to install a new computer system.


What do you know about our company?

Is there anything about this company that made you choose us?

I’ve been reading a lot about your industry, and you seem to have some original ideas.

My wife wants me to work for a big, well-known company.

Why should we choose you for this job?

What do you have to offer this company?

As I haven’t worked in this sector, I can bring in ideas from other industries I know.

I know several secret marketing plans from my company I can let you know


What are your professional ambitions?


Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Maybe management, but the important thing is to keep developing

I think I could be a good CEO.

Please give us an example of overcoming difficulties at work

Can you think of any problems you have had to solve in your job?

My new colleague was completely incompetent, but I trained him up and it was okay.

I undertook some cross-cultural training that really helped working with a foreign boss.


Would you say you are a natural leader?


Does leadership come naturally to you?

I don’t think I would say that, but I have learnt a lot about leadership in the last 5 years.

Yes, I think so. I’ve always thought that about myself.


How is your experience relevant to this job?

Do you think your previous jobs are good preparation for this one?

It’s basically exactly the same job as what I will be doing with you.

Although it seems different, the skills of teamwork and detailed planning are very similar


Can you work under strict deadlines?


Do you have the ability to stay calm under pressure?

Yes. I am a very calm person.

I believe so. I have shown that ability over several big projects in the last 12 months.


How do you feel about moving abroad for you job?


Does working abroad appeal to you?

It’s not something I’ve really thought about, but it sounds like a great challenge.

That is my childhood ambition. I would really love to do that.


What skills have you learnt in your present job?

How have your skills developed over the last few years?

Nothing special. I’ve always found my present job quite easy.

Computers were totally new, so though I’ve still got lots learn that has improved


What experience do you have of ISO certification?


Have you been involved in ISO certification before?

It would be a completely new experience.

I don’t have any experience of exactly that, but my previous job was quite similar.


When can you start?

When are you available to take up the position if it is offered to you?

I’m supposed to give them 2 weeks’ notice, but I could phone in sick if you want me sooner

If you could let me know by next week, I could start at the beginning of the new year.

 In each pair of answers there is one good answer and one bad one, which one is which?

Use the underlined phrases to make other similar questions.


PDF version for easy printing: InterviewQuestionsAnswers

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