Shapes games, worksheets, flashcards, stories and songs

PDFs and other teaching ideas for square, circle, hexagon, etc. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Teaching shapes vocabulary article

How to teach shapes to young learners – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable shapes vocabulary classroom activities

Colours, numbers and shapes collaborative drawing game

Find toys with these shapes

Pick numbers shapes feelings and parts of your face to make crazy pictures

Shapes flashcards

Circular foods flashcards

Square and rectangular foods flashcards

Triangular food flashcards

Shapes picture books

The Secret Birthday Message by Eric Carle (need to go off the text to add more shape vocabulary, but almost unique in actually having a story)

Go Away Big Green Monster (ditto)

My Very First Book of Shapes by Eric Carle (ask students on each potential match “Is a watermelon a triangle?” etc – some difficult vocab like “crescent” that you might want to skip)

Giant Pop-Out Shapes  (does exactly what the title says!)

Farmyard Shapes (search for things with each shape on each page and lift the flaps for more, from Ladybird Books)

Shapes by Robert Crowther

Shapes songs

The Shape Song #2 on Super Simple Songs

Make a Circle Song from SuperSimpleSongs (with up/ down, big/ small)

Related pages

Describing objects main page

Updated 15 September 2022  

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