TOEIC articles and tips for students and teachers

Articles on passing and teaching TOEIC. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 20 March 2022

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TOEIC listening articles

100 ways to improve your TOEIC listening (for students, but advice you can pass on to them in class)

Test your knowledge of the TOEIC listening (for students and teachers)

TOEIC Listening Part One photos task- tips for teachers and tips for students

Teaching TOEIC articles

How to teach TOEIC listening part two question response

The 15 most interesting TOEIC lessons

My TOEIC stuff on Onestopenglish (need to register to see) – LINK FIXED

TOEIC articles for teachers and students

TOEIC FAQ (for students and teachers)

TOEIC articles for students

Choosing good TOEIC classes and TOEIC teachers (article for students, but can also help teachers think about how good they are and how to publicize that)

The 24 hours before your TOEIC exam

21 ways to get more out of your TOEIC class

TOEIC exam problems and solutions (a kind of mix of a FAQ and an agony aunt column)

100 ways to improve your TOEIC score

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