FCE sharing experiences practice needs analysis

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) sharing experiences practice/ needs analysis

In threes or fours, share your experiences of the things below. Please mix up just responding to people’s stories with your own similar or different experiences and actually asking each other questions. If your teacher wants to keep a record of your needs and experiences, please make a note of what one of your partners says.

Useful language

Like/ Unlike you/ (name), I…

I have/ had (almost) the same experience as you/ (name)

I… too. In fact,…/ I… as well, and…

My experience differs from… in that…

My experience is (quite/ fairly/ very) different from/ similar to yours/ (name’s) in that/ because…

I haven’t… (nearly) as much as…

Rather than…, I…



Present/ (Most) recent

Other experiences, e.g. first


English language exams







Using English in studies







Using English at work







Using English in your free time






Using English abroad










Present/ (Most) recent

Other experiences, e.g. first


Writing in English








Reading in English








Listening to English








English lessons








Self-study of English








Successful attempts at learning English







attempts at learning English






Without looking above, brainstorm phrases for talking about similarities and differences between you.


PDF version for easy saving and printing: FCE sharing experiences practice needs analysis

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