Storytelling phrases word formation practice

For questions 1-15 read the sentences below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of lines to form a word that fits in the gap.

  1. He had ______________________________________________________ finished the whole thing when suddenly the door flew open and… – NEAR


  1. Without ________________, the teacher grabbed hold of the student and… – WARN


  1. After ________________________ his homework, he lit up a cigarette and… – FINISH


  1. He _____________________________________________________________ reached the end of the race, but no one was there to congratulate him. – EVENTUAL


  1. He _____________________________________ trod on the dog’s tail. – ACCIDENT


  1. As ___________________, the heavens opened and the rain came down. – EXPECT


  1. As ________________________, the sun was hidden by the moon and… – PREDICT


  1. A little while ________________________________________________________, the police received a phone call reporting all the noise. – LATE


  1. He denied that he had ___________________________ ignored her. – DELIBERATE

10. He had arrived ten minutes _____________ than her and tidied up the mess. – EARLY

11. By complete __________________________________________________________, his mother was coming off the very same train. – COINCIDENT

12. No ____________________________________________________ had he entered the bank when another group of robbers entered from the opposite door. – SOON

13. ____________________, he fell right into a puddle. – LUCK

14. __________________, the bucket fell in the worst of all possible places. – FORTUNE

15. ____________________, she was enraged by his refusal to help her. – SURPRISE


PDF version for easy saving and printing: storytelling phrases word formation practice

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