There is are was were household vocabulary roleplays

A: House improvements

Try to improve the house you are given a picture of by changing things ten things that are there. Here are some suggestions for things you could add, but you can also use your own ideas:

Chandelier                                              Swimming pool
Gym                                                           Library
Spiral staircase                                     Wallpaper
Gold taps (= faucets)                          Bidet
Jacuzzi                                                     Full length mirrors
Silk sheets                                               Microwave (oven)
Tumble drier                                         Wide screen television
Balcony                                                   Rooftop terrace
Coffee table                                           Dishwasher
Waste disposal unit                            Robot hoover (= robot vacuum cleaner)
Electric curtains                                  Burglar alarm
Fingerprint detectors                        Four-poster bed
Waterbed                                                Helicopter pad
Bear skin rugs                                       Greek columns

B: Estate agents roleplay

You are an estate agent who is taking possible customers around the house after you have changed it. Explain what was there before and what is there now, e.g. “Here there was a single light bulb before, but now there is a chandelier”. Answer any questions the customers have, e.g. “Is there a balcony?” or “Are there any deep pile carpets?” and if not, explain why you didn’t chose that thing.

C: Household problems

Write four possible reasons why you wouldn’t buy a house below:

I wouldn’t buy this house because there is a _____________________________

I wouldn’t buy this house because there are _____________________________

I wouldn’t buy this house because there isn’t a _____________________________

I wouldn’t buy this house because there aren’t any ___________________________

D: Estate agents roleplays two

Change groups.

You are someone who is thinking of buying a house. Ask yes/ no questions to try and find out what the problems are, e.g. “Are there any animals in the house?” or “Is there a problem with the roof?”

Tell the class what problems you found out, using the past tense, e.g. “I found out that there weren’t any windows”


PDF version for easy saving and printing:There is there are room improvements roleplay

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