Arts and media vocabulary games/ worksheets

Arts and media PDFs and lists. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Lists of useful arts and media vocabulary

British and American arts and media vocabulary list – the fifteenth list here

and see music page link below for a list of useful music vocabulary

Photocopiable arts and media classroom activities

and see link below for music vocabulary worksheets

Movies second conditional discussion – NEW

Talking about movies with like and would like (with movies vocabulary)

IELTS Writing Part Two on television, news and current affairs

Arts and media describing pie charts practice (in this bargain e-book)

Changes to culture be used to and get used to discussion

Art and media extended speaking board game

Talking about a movie extended speaking

Opinions on the news and media

Opinions on visual arts

Recommendations with movie vocabulary

FCE Writing Part One essay tasks on arts and media

Movie vocabulary opinions

News and media countable and uncountable

Explaining Japanese arts and crafts

Brainstorming performing arts vocabulary

Explaining Japanese performing arts

Arts and crafts vocabulary yes no questions game

Reactions to art adjectives discussion

CPE Speaking Part Three on art

Opinions on art

Movies vocabulary and self-study discussion

Recommending arts and media (with lot of useful language)

Sharing experiences of arts and media

FCE Speaking Part Four on arts and media

FCE Speaking Part One on the media

FCE Speaking Part One on the arts

Movie plot summaries Add the relative clauses

Change the statements about the media with hedging language

IELTS Speaking on media

Adjectives for describing films

TV movies music opinions adjectives game

Movies vocabulary and discussion questions

Media vocabulary

Adjectives and media vocabulary personalisation game

Film and song titles correct the determiner mistakes

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Updated 5 November 2022

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