Plans arrangements and predictions

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 5

Part One: Personalisation

Tell your partner about one of your plans or arrangements, and they will predict something about it. Tell them how accurate you think their prediction is.


“I’m going to move to England”

“You’ll hate the weather”

“I think you are right/ You could be right/ Actually, I love the rain”

“I’m going on a blind date”

“I think you’ll be quite nervous”

“I’m sure I’ll be VERY nervous”

Possible plans and arrangements to talk about


Shopping/ Purchases

Meeting people

Business meetings



Eating out

Going out







Birthday and other celebrations



Possible predictions about those things

Success/ failure


Length of time

Amount of money


Part Two: Big life changes- Speaking and listening

You are going to listen to three people who have made changes in their lives:

 Clare changed from being a geography teacher to being a plumber

 Kevin changed from being a factory supervisor to being a house husband and looking after the kids while his wife goes back to work

 Lorna and Ian gave up their jobs in the City to run a small hotel in the country

How do they feel about their new lives (as compared to their old lives), and what might they do in the future?

Listen and check. Which of your predictions were correct?


PDF version for easy printing: PlansArrangementsPredictions

2 Responses to Plans arrangements and predictions

  1. Paco says:

    Very useful! The only problem is that i don’t find the link for the listening activity. where is it? thank you very much!

  2. alexcase says:

    You’d need to buy the Cutting Edge book for that…

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