Verb pattern personalisation guessing game Intermediate

Write a thing that is true for you for at least 7 of the sentences below

Something your parents let you do now that they didn’t when you were younger:

A household job that you would pay someone to do for you:

Something you need to do before the end of today:

Something you keep doing, even though you know it’s not good for you:

A household job you don’t mind doing:

Something you tried to do but failed:

Something you would rather do than watch television:

Something someone has asked you to do that you still haven’t done:

Something that would make you study harder:

Something you have begun to do recently:

Something that seemed to be a good idea but you wish you hadn’t done:

Something you have decided to do but haven’t started yet:

Something you plan to do in the next week:

Something your parents allowed you to do that some of your friends couldn’t:

Something you learnt to do but have now forgotten:

Something you could teach someone else to do:

Something you forgot to do this morning:

Something your mother often tells you to do/ told you to do:

Tell your partner one of the things you have written and see if they can guess which sentence it is for, e.g. Is that something you can do but one of your parents can’t?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Verb form personalisation guessing game Intermediate

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