Comparatives and superlatives personalised speaking games

New Cutting Edge Elementary Module 9

A: Bigger/ Smaller personalised comparatives guessing game

Try to guess one of the things below about your teacher. They will give you hints until you get the right answer. The first person to say exactly the right number gets a point.



Number of children

Distance from here to home

Number of brothers and sisters

Number of days until birthday

Number of books

Number of CDs

Time with present job (= years teaching)

Time in this city

Cost of travelling here from home

What expressions did your teacher use to give you hints? “(The real number is)…”

Play the same game in groups.

B: Comparing personalised guessing game

Choose an adjective and take turns using that adjective that adjective to compare your teacher (or people or things connected to your teacher) until one of you says something that isn’t true. The last person to say something true before that mistake gets a point, then you can continue the game with a different adjective.

Big/ Large – Small

Cheap – Expensive

Far – Close/ Near

Fast – Slow

Healthy – Unhealthy

Heavy – Light

Long – Short

Old – New

Old – Young

Tall – Short

High – Low

Hot – Cold

Early – Late

Interesting – Boring

Possible things to compare



Home town




Play the same game in groups.

Do the same about just hometowns.

What do you know about the following cities? Can you compare them to each other or this city?

Istanbul, Turkey

Bangkok, Thailand

Rome, Italy

Nurnberg, Germany

Mexico City, Mexico


PDF version for easy printing: Comparative superlative personalised games

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