TEFL games articles

These are my articles with ideas arranged by kinds of games. See my pages on grammar, vocabulary, writing etc for games for specific language points and skills.

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TEFL games for kids page (and many of the ones below are also suitable for teens and higher-level young learners)

Articles on TEFL games

Ball games – NEW LINK

Block games

Dice games

Jigsaw games

Coin games

19 simple, fun and effective ESL board games – LINK UPDATED

21 classic TEFL card games – LINK UPDATED

Rethinking running around games – LINK UPDATED

Running dictations in EFL classes – LINK UPDATED

Why does my teacher use games in an adult class?

Finding Variations on Find Someone Who (mingling games)

Drawing on Drawing Games Three- Competition, Challenges and Cooperation

Drawing on Drawing Games Two- Picture Dictation

Drawing on Drawing Games One- Pictionary

15 variations on grammar reversi – LINK UPDATED

15 Q and A personalisation games – LINK UPDATED

15 variations on TEFL boardgames – LINK UPDATED

15 variations on a grammar auction – LINK UPDATED

15 variations on the Clap Clap Clap game – LINK UPDATED

Q and A Lying games

Movement in adult classes (TPR games etc) – LINK UPDATED

Playing with our Word Bag – LINK FIXED

Finding things in common – LINK UPDATED

Picture dictionary games and actitivies – LINK UPDATED

Problems, solutions and variations for hangman in EFL – LINK UPDATED

Speaking games for beginners and false beginners – LINK UPDATED

15 fun gapfill task games – LINK UPDATED

15 ways to make multiple choice questions manageable and fun – LINK UPDATED

15 variations on Find Someone who and mingling games – LINK UPDATED

The 15 best TEFL drawing games – LINK UPDATED

15 physical TEFL warmers and game for adults – LINK UPDATED

The 15 best TEFL games with miming/ TPR – LINK UPDATED

15 warmers for true/ false tasks – LINK UPDATED

15 fun ways of using a whiteboard – LINK UPDATED

15 fun things to do with an OHP – LINK UPDATED

A well-balanced use of warmers and fillers – LINK UPDATED

The big list of language for playing games – LINK UPDATED

Low prep games with common classroom objects

15 zero preparation games with just scrap paper – LINK UPDATED

15 no-prep games using little bits of blank paper – LINK UPDATED

TEFLtastic classics (blog posts with descriptions and links to worksheets)

TEFL reversi/ TEFL Othello

Finding things in common games – NEW LINK

Bluffing games/ Lying games – NEW LINK

TEFL board games – NEW LINK

Pick and draw – NEW LINK

Taboo topics games

Simplest responses games

Key words card games

Longer phrases card games (TEFLtastic Classics Part Nineteen)

Random pelmanism (TEFLtastic classics Part 18)

Chain writing/ Consequences (TEFLtastic classics Part 17)

TEFL dice games (TEFLtastic Classics Part 16)

The accusations game (TEFLtastic classics Part 15)

Rotating revision board game (TEFLtastic classics Part 14)

Politeness competition (TEFLtastic classics Part 13)

List dictation guessing game

Prepositions pairwork game/ Determiners pairwork game

Numbers pairwork guessing game

The same or different game

Snap and pelmanism

Step up the pressure roleplays (TEFLtastic classics Part Five)

Tips and useful phrases – TEFLtastic classics Part Four

Answer me! (TEFLtastic classics Part Three)

The sentence completion guessing game – TEFLtastic classics Part Two

Extended speaking tasks (TEFLtastic classics Part One)

Updated 12 September 2022

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