Giving directions on how to get somewhere dice game

Roleplay phone calls giving directions from and to the places below, each time acting out the whole call from the very start of the call to the very end. You can choose by rolling a dice twice, by choosing numbers at random, or with your own choice of topics (depending on what your teacher tells you).

First roll of the dice = Directions from Second roll of the dice = Directions to


1.     A station

2.     The entrance to your building

3.     A bus stop

4.     A hotel

5.     The airport

6.     A bus station

1.     Your desk

2.     A meeting room

3.     A local bar

4.     A local restaurant

5.     A convenience store

6.     Another office in your building

Do the same, but rolling the dice one more time to decide what complications you must deal with in your directions.

  1. The other person is in a wheelchair
  2. The other person can’t read the local script and so won’t be able to read any signs that they see
  3. The other person thinks they know the way but just needs to check
  4. The other person thinks that they know the way, but have actually got it wrong
  5. The other person doesn’t understand the first attempt to explain
  6. The other person is driving, so needs to park and then walk the last little bit

Do the same, but this time pretending that you are emailing. You can do this by passing pieces of paper backwards and forwards, or just by saying what you would write in each email. Continue until the end of the email exchange, then choose another situation above and do the same.  

Do the same, but this time rolling the dice to decide if you will communicate by email or telephone. 1, 2 or 3 = telephone and 4, 5 or 6 = email.

Roleplay more realistic giving directions situations for you, this time choosing to communicate by phone, email, text (=SMS), fax, face to face etc depending on how you would (probably) really communicate.

Possible places to give directions to

A copy shop

Your home

A travel agent

A touristic attraction

A particular spot inside a station, airport, bus station, etc

Somewhere you will have a picnic or barbecue

A conference centre/ The venue for a trade fair

A school/ Somewhere some training will happen

The venue of the shareholders meeting


PDF for easy saving and printing: Giving directions on how to get somewhere dice game

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