Days of the week games, worksheets, stories and songs

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Teaching days of the week articles (with game ideas)

How to teach days of the week in English – LINK UPDATED

The block games in the eighth section of this article – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable days of the week classroom activities

Days of the week make me say yes

Putting the days in order games

Days of the week flashcard memory games

Stacking races game (cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers, dates, days of the week, months and times)

Days of the week projects

Days of the week pick and draw

Days of the week battleships

Days of the week dominoes

Timetable battleships (days of the week and times)

Days of the week stories

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (link to animated video- some songs also available)

Five Little Ducks by Denise Fleming (a version of the well-known children’s song with added days of the week, Past Simple but very easy and can add actions – link to read through on YouTube)

Today is Monday (link to song accompanied by Eric Carle book)

Busy Builder Busy Week by Jean Reidy (some difficult words, but rhymes nicely and nice pictures and no difficult grammar – link to read through on YouTube)

Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young (some difficult vocabulary and Past Simple, but the pictures make the meaning clear and with a nice story – link to read through on YouTube)

Cookie’s Week (past tenses so too difficult for most classes studying this point, but a fairly fun story – link to read through on YouTube)

Days of the week songs

Days of the Week by ELT Songs (with “I go to school on Monday” etc)

Sunday la la la, Monday la la la song (just the days with lah lah lah between, but simple and catchy and so my own favourite for this point – link to song on Vimeo)

Wee Sing days of the week song (just the names of the days with a tune, link to song with lyrics on YouTube)

Days of the week song (I like to sing them quiet, sing them loud, clap them out, stomp them out, sing them proud, sing again, one more time)

Pizza and Chips song (on the British Council’s LearnEnglishKids site – fun and with a good tune but quite slow and with less than useful other language)

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