Adjectives and prepositions pick and draw drawing game

With vocabulary from Take Off 1/ Lift Off 1

Instructions for teachers

Cut up one pack of cards per class or per group of two to four students. Students take turns putting the cards together to make a sentence to draw, or make sentences for each other to draw if that would be more fun. They can make either sensible sentences or silly ones as they wish, as long as they are drawable.  

Cards to cut up

The the
angry big black
blue cold green
happy hot old
red sad short
small tall ugly


bag bed
bicycle bin
bird book
boy car
cat chair
cow cup
cupboard doctor
dog doll
egg eraser
fish girl
glass hamburger
hat horse
house jacket
key knife
motorbike mouse
pen pencil
pencil case pig
plate police officer
postman rabbit
robot ruler
sandwich school
snake spaghetti
spoon teacher
television tree
in on under next to
by near in front of behind


 PDF for easy saving and printing: Adjectives and prepositions drawing game

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