Pick and draw – TEFLtastic Classics Part 22

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This is the newest and simplest of the drawing games I mentioned in my last post, especially suitable for students who are learning to read and/ or who need help putting together basic sentences, mainly meaning primary school kids.

Students pick words from a pack of cards with words written on them to make a sentence describing something that can be drawn like “I” “am” “riding” “a horse” or “The cat” “is” “on” “the picture”. As with those examples, it is best if the available words allow them to make amusing pictures and/ or pictures including themselves and people they know such as their classmates. You can also characters from places like their textbook and Disney movies.

You might want to print different kinds of words on different colours, shapes or sizes of paper (e.g. prepositions on small red cards), especially with lower-level classes or if you want to play with the cards face down and so get students to chose at random.

Students can all choose at the same time, being allowed to draw whenever they have made a correct sentence, or you can make them take turns. You also have the option of removing cards from the pack once they have been used (too much), or leaving them all in to be used many times in different ways.

Students can then move onto writing and/ or saying their own sentences so that they are allowed to draw those things, or a more fun variation is for them to make another set of cards to play the same game with.

Photocopiable pick and draw classroom activities

What’s in the… there is there pick and draw – NEW

Possessive, body and adjectives pick and draw

Countable and uncountable pick and draw drawing game

Feelings and objects pick and draw drawing game

Comparative pick and draw

This that these those pick and draw drawing game

Pronouns and prepositions pick and draw drawing game

Adjectives and prepositions pick and draw drawing game

How many are there pick and draw drawing games

Possessives and adjectives pick and draw drawing game

Basic adjectives and nouns pick and draw

Does he/ she like pick and draw game

Days of the week pick and draw

Colours, numbers and classroom objects pick and draw

Clothes and Present Continuous drawing game

It is/ They are and colours pick and draw game

Whose is this?/ Whose are these? drawing game

Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives drawing game

It is/ They are plus possessive adjectives drawing game

Colours, numbers and alphabet/ phonics pick and draw game

Draw a monster body parts practice

Clothes and possessive s drawing game

Possessive adjectives drawing game

Present Simple reading, speaking and drawing game

Pick the body part and adjective drawing game

Pick cards to draw a Xmas picture

Pick numbers, shapes, feelings and face words to make crazy pictures

Pick words to make an underwater picture (including colours and numbers)

The game can also be played with words just written on the board, perhaps with students throwing sticky balls (= sucker balls) to choose words to draw.

More TEFLtastic classics, including more drawing games, here.

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