New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 1 to 4 Revision Rotating Board game


Students keep trying to do the thing that it says in the square that they are on until they make a mistake, then can move the number of squares of the correct things they said.

Ways of ending an informal email Ways of starting a formal email Ways of ending a formal email  Things your partner was doing at certain times yesterday START Routines and habits of members of your partner’s family
Ways of starting an informal email Things your partner has done more than you
Good questions when you are registering for a language course Things to ask a businessman you are picking up from the airport
Follow up questions to “Have you ever been to the UK?” that your partner can answer True sentences about when your partner first met their boyfriend/ girlfriend/ spouse/ best friend
Things members of your partner’s family are doing now Things that happened in Helen or Justin’s childhood memories
Things you have been doing for longer than your partner Ways of improving your memory that your partner agrees with
Changes in Seoul that your partner agrees are true Things your partner used to do but doesn’t do now
Places to visit in Australia Forget +
Questions a travel agent might ask you Remind +
True sentences about your partner with adverb plus superlative True sentences about your partner with adverb plus comparative Different ways of showing interest in what people are saying Lose + Learn +



PDF for easy saving and printing: New Cutting Edge Mod 1 to 4 revision rotating board game

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