New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 5 to 8 revision

Work together to brainstorm as many things as you can for each category below

1. Different future tenses and the differences between them

2. Questions you can ask about someone’s job

3. Education vocabulary

4. Work vocabulary

5. Words that can fit in “_________ she has a baby,…”

6. Useful phrases for a formal letter or email

7. Differences between formal and informal emails

8. Useful telephoning phrases

9. ed/ ing adjectives

10. Newspaper vocabulary

11. TV vocabulary

12. Film vocabulary

13. Verbs which are never used in the passive

14. Extreme adjectives (= Adjectives that mean very + another adjective)

15. Positive adjectives

16. Negative adjectives

17. Things to do in the evening

18. Polite requests in a restaurant

19. Polite requests in a pub

20. Cultural tips for visitors to Korea

21. Uncountable things in the kitchen

22. Uncountable things in the bathroom

23. Quantifiers (= Words to go in “I have ________ water/ chairs”)


PDF version for easy printing: Cutting Edge Int Mod 5 to 8 revision

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