Compound nouns and collocations

Landmark Advanced Unit 10.2

The compound nouns and other collocations below are all from one text. Try to match them up, then compare answers with your partner and try to guess what the whole story is (the words on the left are in the same order as the text).

Section A

radio                                                            deep-freeze

air                                                                 figures

a complex of                                               lit

a 1,560-foot                                                kabins

well-wrapped                               traffic control

Porta                                                             dome

stacks of                                                      yard

insulation                                                   equipment

a builder’s                                                   wood

underground                                             entrance

a butcher’s                                                 communication

brightly-                                                        buildings

Section B

Bermuda                                                     breath

chilli                                                             chill

over                                                              alls

wind                                                            dogs

final                                                             figures

semi-                                                            Pole

Ceremonial South                                     circle

numb-                                                          the world

short of                                           shorts

visiting                                                        dignitaries

anoraked                                                    lap

the bottom of                                               faced

Read the text and check the collocations and your ideas about the story.

How are the things above connected to the story?

With your books closed but using this worksheet if you like, work together to retell the story in the first person.

Open your books again and compare the story with your own versions. Were there any differences? What about grammatical differences?

Why are present tenses used in the text? What affect do they have on the story?

Take turns continuing one of the anecdotes below in the first person, using present tenses

Being stopped by the police

Meeting someone famous

A strange experience

An extreme weather experience


PDF for easy saving and printing: Unit10point2CompoundsCollocation

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6 Responses to Compound nouns and collocations

  1. Alec Snook says:

    I’m probably being dim, but where is the text??

  2. alexcase says:

    Umm, Landmark Advanced Unit 10.2, as it says at the top…

  3. lindajane says:

    no link to that unit??

  4. alexcase says:

    And how exactly would I link to a textbook unit?? If you really want to do this activity, obviously you will need to either buy the book or adapt it to match one of the texts in your own textbook.

  5. TeachingWithoutABook says:

    “If you really want to do this activity, obviously you will need to either buy the book or adapt it to match one of the texts in your own textbook.”

    lol not gonna buy a book in order to do this activity. I usually share and swap activities BECAUSE of a lack of a material/resources.

    Anyway, congratulations on making a lesson plan.

  6. alexcase says:

    If you really do go online just to use other people’s resources, then this page is definitely not for you. Personally, I only go online to find ideas and lists of language which I can use to make materials are more suitable for my own classes and literally never just print off something and use it, but maybe that’s just me…

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