Classroom language Present Continuous sounds

Turning away from the class so you can’t see, guess which of the actions below your partner is doing by listening to the sounds

switching the lights on and off

taking the cap off a pen/ board pen/ glue stick

stomping your feet

rolling a dice

throwing a sticky ball on the…

shaking a cassette/ cassette box

opening a bag

scratching the carpet/ under the table/ the bin

dropping a dictionary on the table/ chair/ floor

pushing the bin/ a chair/ a table

using the pencil sharpener





cleaning the board

skating on the carpet

sliding your hand on the table/ chair/ carpet/ wall/ whiteboard

clapping your hands

hitting the lenses of your glasses

hitting a ballpoint pen on the table

shaking some paper

knocking on the table/ door/ wall/ whiteboard

opening/ closing the door/ cupboard/ drawer

opening/ closing a bag/ book

using the stapler

clicking the mouse

flicking a rubber band

using a hole punch

pulling sellotape on a tape dispenser

using scissors

shaking an envelope

shaking two rulers

flicking a ruler on the table

shaking a box of paperclips

banging two… s together/ banging a… and a … together

Do the same but checking your answers with your other classmates (and so using “he” and “she”)

Do the same, but with two people doing each action

Do the same, but with your own actions


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Classroom language present continuous sounds

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