IELTS Reading Comparing your tactics and results

Compare your tactics and results in the IELTS Reading test you did.

Possible things to speak about:

  • Timings (e.g. how much of the test you finished in 60 minutes, how long the whole test and sections took you)
  • Reading through the text first (e.g. how many texts you tried to read through first, how much of each text you read through, how long it took you, and how much you understood)
  • Choosing the questions (e.g. how often you did the questions in a different order, how often you skipped a question or left it for later)
  • Finding answers in the text (e.g. how long it took you, how many questions you couldn’t find the answer to)
  • Underlining (e.g. what percentage of answers you underlined in the text, how much text you usually underlined)
  • Errors (e.g. what kinds of errors you made, how many of each error)
  • Guessing (e.g. how many questions you had to guess the answer to, what percentage of those guesses were correct, how many other options you could eliminate, how many questions you were pleasantly surprised to get right)
  • Changing your answers (e.g. how many answers you changed your mind about and how often you changed to the correct answer)
  • Giving up (e.g. how many blank spaces you left, how many questions you left until later)

 Use as many and as complex language as you can from the box below to make true sentences about similarities and differences in your approaches and results.


Useful language to compare your figures


(exactly/ almost exactly/ more or less) the same (as…)/ (totally) identical (to…)

(incredibly/ very/ quite) similar (to…)

(much much/ much/ a lot/ a great deal/ considerably/ quite a lot/ slightly/ a bit/ a little/ a tiny bit) more …than…/ less… than…/…er

(not) (nearly) as… as…

one and half times/ twice/ three times/ four times/…percent as (much/ many)….as…

(only) a quarter/ half/ two thirds as (much/ many)…as…

… percent more…/…er/less… than…

Compared to…,…




…, whereas…

In contrast,…

(totally/ quite a lot/ a bit/ slightly) different



PDF version for easy saving and printing: IELTS Reading comparing and contrasting

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