Academic vocabulary expressing purpose, cause and effect

Work in groups of three or four. Take turns choosing one of the things below and asking the other people in your group for explanations. Each person should use a different one of these expressions to give their reasons with:

so that + subject + verb

in order that + subject + verb

to + infinitive

in order to + infinitive

for + noun

The best reason wins. 


You set back the election until 2015.

You decided to make a gradual transition from teaching English in schools to teaching Chinese.

You changed the football pitch to artificial grass (made from synthetic materials).

You introduced compulsory military service for all men and women.

You sent all the American diplomats out of the country.

You wired up your house to your neighbour’s internet connection.

You sat on a child’s chair until the legs buckled.

Do the same. Try to think of good consequences of these things happening, using these phrases.

… made… happen


… lead to…

Since…, …

Owing to…, ….

…. resulted in…

… triggered…

…, triggering…

Because of…, …

… caused…

… allowed…

You asked your subordinate to clean your car

You submitted your tax returns three weeks late

You equated education with thought control in a speech to school kids.

You exceeded the speed limit.

Your policies excluded all disabled children from state schools.

You exploited illegal immigrants by paying them less than the national legal minimum wage.

You extracted the wrong tooth from a patient.

You extracted so much oil from an oilfield that the ground above began to sink.

You caused the price of staple foods to wildly fluctuate.

You let a friend copy your preview DVD of a forthcoming film, and he released it for download on the internet.

You made jokes about your tutor’s hypothesis that he later found out about.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Academic vocab expressing purpose, cause and effect

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