Discussion questions about small talk

How important is small talk in business in your country? How about humour?

How much small talk does a business meeting usually start with? What topics do you usually talk about? Is there a clear transition between small talk and the start of the meeting?

What topics are best avoided during small talk? Why did you choose those ones?

What do you think about sport/ shopping/ fashion as a topic of small talk in a business setting?

If you socialise with colleagues, clients, suppliers etc after work, is it okay to keep on talking about work? If not, what topics are more common?

How would you start a conversation with someone sitting or standing next to you at a conference? How could you keep the conversation going?

What things do you think a foreign guest is likely to want to know about your city and country? What things are they already likely to know?

How do all the things above vary from country to country? Which countries are most similar to and most different from your own?


PDF version for easy printing: SmallTalkConversationsQs

Over 100 other photocopiable pages on small talk here: https://www.usingenglish.com/e-books/social-english/ 

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