Recommendations and embedded questions

Recommend things for your partner to do near here/ in this area/ in this town/ in this country/ abroad, trying to find suitable things that they have never tried. They will listen, ask at least three questions to find out more details, then respond to your recommendation.

Useful language for giving recommendations

(If you like…,) you would love…

(If you want to…,) you (really) should…

(If you’d like to…,) you (really) must…

(If you are…,) I (strongly) recommend…

Useful questions to ask about recommendations


Can you tell me

Do you know

Could you explain

Do you remember

Could I ask

Would you mind telling me

Do you happen to know

Would it be okay to ask



where it is

how much it costs

when it opens

how you get there

what you like about it

why you recommend it

how often you go there

if it’s open for lunch

whether you recommend it for…

what kind of people go there

how it compares to…

if it’s suitable for…

whether it’s near…

if it sells…

when it opened

how long it’s been open

if it will be open after this lesson

when you last went there



I can’t remember

I’d be interested in hearing

I’d like to know

I’m not sure

I was wondering

I’ve forgotten

I’m not quite sure



Useful language for responding to recommendations

That sounds great. I’ll definitely try it.

That sounds okay. I’ll probably try it.

It sounds a bit… but I might try it.

It doesn’t really sound like my kind of thing.

Embedded questions practice

Without looking above, choose questions from below and take turns changing them into embedded questions. If you do so correctly, you can cross off that question and score one point. If you can do so using an embedded question stem that no one has used before in this game, you get two points. Your teacher will tell you if/ when you can use the key words below to help.

Direct questions to convert into embedded questions

Where is it?

How much does it cost?

When does it open?

Where is it?

How do you get there?

What do you like about it?

Why do you recommend it?

How often do you go there?

Is it open for lunch?

Do you recommend it for…?

What kind of people go there?

How does it compare with…?

Is it suitable for…?

Is it near…?

Does it sell…?

When did it open?

How long has it been open?

Is it open after this lesson?

When did you last go there?


Key words for making embedded questions


can/ could

do/ would
















Embedded questions presentation (to do before or after the practice above)

  • Compare your questions with those above. Why do only half the questions have a question mark at the end?
  • Why do most of the questions have SV word order, like a normal statement? Why is one different?
  • Why do some questions have “if”? What other word has the same function?


PDF for easy saving and printing: recommendations and embedded questions

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